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Annika – the modern day alchemist! Through a balanced marriage of physical and mental-emotional activity Annika has helped us reach a better understanding of the self and the contribution we as individuals make within the collective dynamic; consciously or not. Annika’s ability to guide individuals and groups through a wide range of exercises, while creating and promoting trust, honesty, support, expression, and courage, have allowed our team to achieve greater and longer lasting results than we would have achieved with any other facilitator. Our team is stronger and more effective because Annika is part of it. We like Annika in our lives.
By: Lee McKinney
Louis Vuitton Sales Team
Class on Monday here at Stanford was great! I wanted to thank you for bringing Jungshin to Stanford. The class was just what I was looking for- I had been getting burnt out on my spin class and was really looking for something where I would move and work on my whole body. Jungshin really is an all over the body workout. I feel great in all the right places after the class. I wish more people could see what Jungshin was about so they could enjoy the benefits of the great workout! One idea I had to promote Jungshin here at Stanford was for the HIP program to possibly update the class description- it does a good job of saying it is an all over body workout but I think some people might be a bit intimidated thinking that we are really doing a lot of “marital arts” type things with the swords and focusing on that instead of just an “all over” the body workout. Another idea I had was when HIP sends out emails about classes offered that possibly they could have a link to a Jungshin video. When I had read the course description at the start of Spring quarter I ended up going out on the internet and reading up on and watching videos of Jungshin to see what it really was all about. After seeing the videos that is what made me want to sign up for the course. I think some people think it is strictly martial arts and not a workout class. I think once people actually would view what is done in class they might change their minds and what to check it out for themselves! Thanks again for being such a great instructor and introducing this new program to campus.
By: Lee Ann Soares
I am a midtown member in Rochester and a big fan of the club. I met you Jon when you were here. I participated in the big Jungshin class when Annika Kahn came to town. I can't tell you how much my wife and I enjoyed that class as well as many of our friends. We heard nothing but positive reviews and have started attending the regularly scheduled classes. As someone who is 55 and has had a lot of sports related surgeries it was great to find a great workout that was easy on the body. Never heard of it until you brought Annika to Rochester. I'm sure it will catch on in other Midtown clubs. Thanks again. Matt DiBiase
By: Matt Dibiase
Annika is a dynamic and disciplined martial artist. Since 1994 she has been designing and choreographing important women’s self-defense routines for our tournament demonstrations. She is a world champion competitor and, in my opinion, is the best female practitioner of our art in the world.
By: Master Sung Jin Su
Kuk Sool Won Master
Annika really tuned into our group. She was able to take a bunch of newbies, give us a fantastic workout, and relate our Jungshin Fitness and boxing styles to our working styles. Her observations were insightful, and the session was a fun and energizing start to our leadership offsite.
By: Reema Bahnasy
OutCast Communications

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