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Annika Kahn is a lovely human being and the quintessential warrior-healer, ever expanding her ability to transform and inspire, while possessing the rare natural gift of the true teacher, serving selflessly to empower community with grace and compassion; and she is a good fighter.
By: Duncan Wong
Yogic Arts synthesis system creator
Annika put on an amazing workshop for our team. Using the principles of Jungshin she got the team to focus, tune into their bodies and have a powerful workout. We all bonded while she assessed us as either a leader, follower or neutral by the way we worked with the sword, it was fascinating. It was a thoughtful and fun way to end our company offsite together.
By: Amy Swanson
The Hatch Agency
Annika is a dynamic and disciplined martial artist. Since 1994 she has been designing and choreographing important women’s self-defense routines for our tournament demonstrations. She is a world champion competitor and, in my opinion, is the best female practitioner of our art in the world.
By: Master Sung Jin Su
Kuk Sool Won Master