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Elizabeth Falkner

I am one of Annika’s biggest fans! I started taking Jungshin Fitness about 8-10 years ago after playing amateur/competitive soccer for 28 years and I needed a new work out. What I love is that it is a great workout blending mind, body, breath and sword!

Duncan Wong, Yogic Arts synthesis system creator, www.yogicarts.com

Annika Kahn is a lovely human being and the quintessential warrior-healer, ever expanding her ability to transform and inspire, while possessing the rare natural gift of the true teacher, serving selflessly to empower community with grace and compassion; and she is a good fighter.

Richard Boyd

Jungshin is a well-balanced and well-designed workout using wooden swords as levers to change the way this would feel and effect the body without swords. Annika Kahn designed the programs based on her immense experience in martial arts and understanding of the human body. The workout uses all the muscles in the body, trains the brain to a high degree, and moves the body in multiple planes to create the best effect on organs, connective tissue and the body overall. I love the workout, I do it myself weekly and I encourage anyone looking at this to understand why it was created, understand how it affects the body in so many positive ways and why the lever lengths (swords) are different and how that affects the body and the workout. Brilliant workout Richard Boyd Senior VP -24HR Fitness of Motion

John Sinclair

I have been training with the Jungshin method for 2 years now and have been an avid advocate of the training system and the programming. As one of the Programming Officers for the Institute of Motion I am intimitely familiar with designing programs around movement. Jungshin combines the perfect balance of fully integrated movement sequences with the delicate sophistication of load with the sword. This programming system is perfect for Group Exercise and Personal Training and Small Group Training since it is simple to replicate, completely scalable to all ages and experience levels and very entertaining. It can challenge the most fit of individuals and inspire the people that need movement in their lives. As a Health Coach I can attest that moving with a sword is a fundamental skill set that can be taught to everyone and can be used to increase cardiovascular benefits as well as tensile strength. Both are needed to enhance longevity and function as we age. I highly recommend you try Jungshin and be prepared to fall in love.

John Sinclair, BPE, CSCS, CPT, MES, CAFS, XPS

Programming Officer, The Institute of Motion

Founder, Authentic Health Coaching

Co Founder, The Hive- Performance, Wellness and Education

Dr. Julie Trestman, Trestman Chiropractic, www.trestmanchiropractic.com

I am both surprised and delighted at the effects the Jungshin Fitness system has had on my body. My core strength is stronger then ever, my joints are more fluid, my reflexes sharp, I am more focused, and I have less pain and more energy since I have been with Annika. I have yet to find a more stimulating workout. I am having a blast with kick-boxing, bag punching, sword swirling,and more. The combination has me fully embodied with a greater alignment in my spine, a strong lower back, and an inner power that helps me move through my life with an easy breath and a peaceful presence. Annika has the ability to work with people at any level. I recommend my patients see her on a regular basis to get their core muscle groups working supporting the chiropractic adjustments as well as the way in which they more through their life.