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Get Fit. Gain Chi Energy. Clear your Mind. Slice it Out.

 Be the Warrior you are!

Cutting Edge Core Workouts using Swords. Here in San Francisco! Boxing,Kickboxing classes 2 times a week! 


Located In the Heart of San Francisco

1747 Church Street, SF. CA. 94131

Call Us to book Free class:  1-888-437-9314



We are cross training and core workout techniques for the modern-day warrior of ANY AGE and HEALTH  and for ALL FITNESS LEVELS! From the powerful strikes of the sword that cultivate core strength, to the aerobic kickboxing styles used in our Jungshin Kick classes, our techniques engage directional momentum training for peak performance and moving meditation to help focus and relax the mind. Jungshin brings radical health to the body as each strike and stance is directly related to a health benefit. We use swords to enhance the body's power, strength and flexibility . This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Purchase your very own SWORD today! 

Hours of operation

Day Time Details
Sunday 11:15am Jungshin Athletic Flow 1747 Church Street
Sunday 12:00pm noon Kickbox|Box with Bags and Gloves 1747 Church Street
Monday 4:30pm -5:30pm Slice It up - 1747 Church Street Dr. Julie Style
Tuesday 5:30pm -6:15pm Jungshin Core Cut (small room), 1747 Church Street
Tuesday 6:30pm -7:15pm Box/Kickbox, 1747 Church Street
Tuesday 7:15pm -8:00pm Jungshin Athletic Flow, 1747 Church Street


Map -how to get to us


We provide Swords

Shoes Optional

Family packs available

Get to know your warrior attribute

All classes use long and short swords

Body Positive is our mission. All people. All warriors.


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Jungshin Fitness® - a warrior sword workout that gets you fit fast. Celebrating MindBodySword since 1999.