Jungshin Juan Bautista Circle Workout – 10:30am PST

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If joining via zoom $12 USD drop in – once you sign up we will send you a private zoom link!

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Sundays (10:30am) at Juan Bautista park in Park Merced. Parking is very easy! Please bring: a mat, towel, water, sunscreen, and your badass self. If you don't feel badass come for sure! We will keep excellent records of your attendance! If Jungshin cancels the class you will be notified 48 hours prior. (The ONLY reason we would cancel is: air quality, or, civil war.) Your name and registration will be securely stored on our admin site so that we can easily track your visits. NOTE: IF YOU CANNOT JOIN THIS CLASS IN PERSON AND WISH TO ATTEND, PLEASE REGISTER BY PAYING A SINGLE OR MORE CLASS FEE AND. YOU WILL GET A VIP ZOOM LINK. FOR THIS TO WORK, WE NEED YOUR REGISTRATION AN HOUR PRIOR TO THE CLASS. This is not a hybrid class but rather an "in-person" class with options to join live. 20% of your fee goes to support some great organizations! Hang in there warrior, Let's let the blue sky give us hope and power! Questions? email: annika@jungshinfitness.com