Jungshin Fitness for your studio

Fitness Studios, Martial Arts Schools, and Employee Health

Jungshin Fitness is an exciting, easy to implement, mind/body program for your business. Jungshin provides the support and tools for instructors to create the classes that work best in your facility. Founded on the science of physiology and anatomy, Jungshin allows everyone to access the ancient benefits of martial arts.

Is Jungshin Safe?
Yes! Our wooden sword is a lever for balance and control, an extension of one’s true core, and an ancient tool used for focus and practice. It is completely safe. In fact, as far as we know, there has never been an injury related to a Jungshin sword!

An expert martial artist herself, Annika Kahn, the founder of Jungshin Fitness, developed the program to inspire and require energy manners (how you move within your space), etiquette (how you handle your fitness equipment), and great teachers who can safely manage  many people with the weighted levers we call swords. This skillset, learned through the Jungshin Teacher Training is central to Jungshin.

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Highlights include: 

  • Effortless implementation 
  • Active support network 
  • Turnkey business
  • Revenue generating classes
  • Revenue generating retail products
  • Reach beyond your normal client population 
  • Serve all people, all ages, all shapes
  • No licensing fee

For Studios

Jungshin Fitness provides prepared flows, but the program is flexible. For fitness studios, Jungshin can be a gym exercise or a martial arts class. For martial arts schools, Jungshin can be part of a martial arts curriculum or a stand-alone fitness class. It can bring ancient eastern wisdom to those who aren’t able to train in the depths of martial arts or commit to the ranking process. Jungshin creates a positive community that will enhance your business with members who are excited to be there. Yoga studios can also implement Jungshin as it’s another form of moving meditation!

The Basics:

  • Basic Jungshin flow classes are 30-75 minutes, depending on instructor choice and student need.
  • Gyms purchase the swords, which they can sell at retail cost.
  • Gyms have the option to host teacher trainings, which gives them two free spots.
  • Gyms can run Jungshin Fitness as small group fee-based training, personal training, or group X classes.
  • Martial arts schools can implement a shorter workout and follow with their usual class format.

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For Employee Health

With Jungshin Fitness, everyone in your company is important because everyone in your company is a warrior. We give employees the tools to train like a warrior—in business and movement. Bring Jungshin Fitness to your workplace for team-building, for preventative healthcare, for our proven fifteen-minutes-a-day practice, and to create a community of sword athletes. You will work more efficiently with a cleared mind and a body free of stress!

Unite the character traits of effective employees with those of great team members!