Add-ons Available

To make one-time purchases of our new workouts please visit the shop where you can add on to any workout you would like with a sword buy! We do not sell the workouts separately. Please see our add-on workouts below.


Athletic Flow

A 45-60 minute workout using the long custom-weighted sword. This is a non-stop heart-pumping warrior workout!

Core Cut

A 60 minute workout where the hard part is on the mat and the break is using the sword cuts in-between! This workout can be used with long or short swords. The long sword makes the workout harder due to the lever length.

Dance Flow

A 35 minute workout led by master trainer Tonika Taylor that applies the elements of balance and control, elegance and power, and the beauty of dance combined with the martial arts warrior. Long or short swords may be used.


Personal Training Track

A 28 minute workout led by master trainer Reginald Kinchen which takes the core elements, combined with the talent of Reggie, and the power of the sword, to offer you a toning, fun and effective workout!


A 45 minute, fast-paced workout using one long and one short sword. This workout not only challenges the body in new and fun ways, but also creates the movement meditation that engages the frontal cortex, spacial awareness, and warrior mindfulness!

Short Sword Flow

A 17 minute workout that uses two short swords for speed, power, and balance, taking you through a non-stop focused mind flow that gets you sweaty!


This is a 10 minute heart meditation that takes you through a deep physiological reset. This heart meditation is also found at the end of the Core Cut workout.