Hear what others say about Jungshin Fitness


Hear what others say about Jungshin Fitness
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Here are some testimonials from our clients and partners:

David Wahl, President, Century Martial Arts

I have been a fan of Jungshin Fitness and its founder Annika Kahn for many years. Ms. Kahn has done an amazing job of blending the movement and mysticism of the martial arts with a dynamic and fun fitness program. I can personally attest to its effectiveness and her dedication to helping people achieve their fitness goals.

Ms. Kahn is a very talented and long-time martial artist with a passion for fitness. By combining her two passions together she has created a unique fitness experience in a world filled with too many vanilla programs differentiated only by their name.

As a long time martial artist myself and a believer that martial arts truly changes lives, it is exciting to see Jungshin Fitness deliver on the promise of changing lives in the fitness space. I congratulate her on bringing the world a much needed system that reminds people that they are enough where ever they are on their fitness journey.

Nikki Lian

My name is Nikki Lian and I’m the co-owner of Body Brain Train, a 501c3 non-profit that helps bring fitness and wellness into the senior community.

About 60 percent of our clients are people living with Parkinson’s Disease, so we use a lot of boxing in our program.

At IDEA WORLD FITNESS in 2022, I was lucky enough to attend one of Annika’s Jungshin Fitness Classes. The first thing I though of were my Parkinson’s members.

I immediately found her at her booth and asked her to start the certification process with me and my partner, Gabby. She took time out of her long, busy weekend to start teaching us how to teach to our seniors, or as she calls them “dignified warriors.”

When we got back to California, we continued training via zoom, and were able to incorporate everything we learned into our senior classes.

It has been an unbelievable journey incorporating Jungshin into our program. People with shoulder issues say how much it’s helped their range of motion. And more importantly, for our members who fight Parkinson’s Disease, it’s helped their rigidity in their upper body. They also feel empowered when they swing those swords and “Spar” with each other.

I often send Annika videos of the progress of our Dignified Warriors. She decided to donate personalized swords to each of our Parkinson’s members, which was so great because they work on their Jungshin at home.

Jungshin has become a part of our routine and our overall program here at Body Brain Train. You can tell Annika is such a genuine person that wants to help heal the world. She’s made such an impact on our program, I highly recommend her for Fitness Leader of the Year.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.




Elizabeth Falkner

I am one of Annika’s biggest fans! I started taking Jungshin Fitness about 8-10 years ago after playing amateur/competitive soccer for 28 years and I needed a new work out. What I love is that it is a great workout blending mind, body, breath and sword!

Catch @cheffalkner at our WCR LA National Conference on April 17-18th speaking on Words of Inspiration! pic.twitter.com/WFSyCD1Bta — WCR Women Chefs (@WCRwomenchefs) April 6, 2016


Leon Rogers, Senior Vice President, Century Fitness

Whether you own a martial arts school or a fitness center, staying on the cutting edge is important to your success. As a supplier to both industries, I have seen lots of “fitness fads” come and go. But I knew when I saw the program Annika Kahn has developed it was far more than the latest fad. Annika’s Jungshin Fitness is based on over a decade of training in the martial arts – it incorporates the practice of sword techniques that will strengthen the body, sharpen the mind, and lift the spirit. Her techniques, like that of any martial art, has value for your clients far beyond just physical conditioning. They will become more aware, more focused, more energized. Get on the cutting edge – Jungshin Fitness is here to stay!


Colleen Lemay– Owner, New Generation Martial Arts

I am the owner of New Generation Martial Arts in Lexington, MA. I was searching for a martial arts based FITNESS program to compliment my traditional curriculum.
Annika’s knowledge of physiology and the powerful way Jungshin creates the mind body connection has been the perfect fit for my school. It’s so much fun and easy to learn and implement into my traditional curriculum! It has also helped me improve and heal a long term shoulder injury. Jungshin is for everyone.


HAAS School of Business Testimonals

Creativity Lab Guest Lecturer: Gaidi Nkruma Topic: Qigong Jungshin Fitness practice Fall 2018

Dear Courtney and Phil,

I want to take a moment to share my sincere gratitude and enthusiasm for Gaidi Nkruma. Gaidi has kindly and generously volunteered his time to the Creativity Lab for the past four semesters in a row, sharing his love and expertise in Qigong and Jungshin practice. His workshops are extremely engaging, energetic, and impactful – truly a game-changing experience for students through their creative journeys. Gaidi plays a critical role in the course and is a key guest speaker we have designed into the curriculum. The Creativity Lab is a space where students explore different mediums and build creative confidence through a series of practices. Gaidis workshop is one of three in our Mind & Body series of the course, where students learn tools such as Meditation, Tai Chi, Qigong and Jungshin. These tools are specific to learning how to harness creative energy from within through breath, movement, and contact, to name a few. I really appreciate how Gaidi ties the lessons of his practice to real life learning for the students. It is wonderful to see him connect with students and showing them how by “controlling the sword in your hand” (for example, in the Jungshin practice), you can better control the fears and emotions within yourself. The focus and discipline Gaidi instills through his workshop is very relevant to the students, as they struggle to balance college life and the unknowns thereafter. In all honesty, The Creativity Lab would not be the same without Gaidi and the expertise he brings. I am eager to continue working with him and see how we can make impactful and memorable experiences for our students. He is a pleasure to work with and it is an honor to learn from him.

Thank you for your time and please feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

Sincerely, Mariana Somma


Master Sung Jin Su, Kuk Sool Won Master

Annika is a dynamic and disciplined martial artist. Since 1994 she has been designing and choreographing important women’s self-defense routines for our tournament demonstrations. She is a world champion competitor and, in my opinion, is the best female practitioner of our art in the world.


Amy Sawason, The Hatch Agency

Annika put on an amazing workshop for our team. Using the principles of Jungshin she got the team to focus, tune into their bodies and have a powerful workout. We all bonded while she assessed us as either a leader, follower or neutral by the way we worked with the sword, it was fascinating. It was a thoughtful and fun way to end our company offsite together.


Duncan Wong, Yogic Arts synthesis system creator, YogicArts

Annika Kahn is a lovely human being and the quintessential warrior-healer, ever expanding her ability to transform and inspire, while possessing the rare natural gift of the true teacher, serving selflessly to empower community with grace and compassion; and she is a good fighter.



Richard Boyd, Senior Vice President of Fitness and Innovation at 24 Hour Fitness

Jungshin is a well-balanced and well-designed workout using wooden swords as levers to change the way this would feel and effect the body without swords. Annika Kahn designed the programs based on her immense experience in martial arts and understanding of the human body. The workout uses all the muscles in the body, trains the brain to a high degree, and moves the body in multiple planes to create the best effect on organs, connective tissue and the body overall. I love the workout, I do it myself weekly and I encourage anyone looking at this to understand why it was created, understand how it affects the body in so many positive ways and why the lever lengths (swords) are different and how that affects the body and the workout. Brilliant workout.


Reema Bahnasy, Co-Founder of The Hatch Agency

Annika really tuned into our group. She was able to take a bunch of newbies, give us a fantastic workout, and relate our Jungshin Fitness and boxing styles to our working styles. Her observations were insightful, and the session was a fun and energizing start to our leadership offsite.


Matt Dibiase

I am a midtown member in Rochester and a big fan of the club. I met you Jon when you were here. I participated in the big Jungshin class when Annika Kahn came to town. I can’t tell you how much my wife and I enjoyed that class as well as many of our friends. We heard nothing but positive reviews and have started attending the regularly scheduled classes. As someone who is 55 and has had a lot of sports related surgeries it was great to find a great workout that was easy on the body. Never heard of it until you brought Annika to Rochester. I’m sure it will catch on in other Midtown clubs. Thanks again. Matt DiBiase


Lee Ann Soares

Class on Monday here at Stanford was great! I wanted to thank you for bringing Jungshin to Stanford. The class was just what I was looking for- I had been getting burnt out on my spin class and was really looking for something where I would move and work on my whole body. Jungshin really is an all over the body workout. I feel great in all the right places after the class. I wish more people could see what Jungshin was about so they could enjoy the benefits of the great workout! One idea I had to promote Jungshin here at Stanford was for the HIP program to possibly update the class description- it does a good job of saying it is an all over body workout but I think some people might be a bit intimidated thinking that we are really doing a lot of “marital arts” type things with the swords and focusing on that instead of just an “all over” the body workout. Another idea I had was when HIP sends out emails about classes offered that possibly they could have a link to a Jungshin video. When I had read the course description at the start of Spring quarter I ended up going out on the internet and reading up on and watching videos of Jungshin to see what it really was all about. After seeing the videos that is what made me want to sign up for the course. I think some people think it is strictly martial arts and not a workout class. I think once people actually would view what is done in class they might change their minds and what to check it out for themselves! Thanks again for being such a great instructor and introducing this new program to campus.


Lee McKinney, Louis Vuitton Sales Team

Annika – the modern day alchemist! Through a balanced marriage of physical and mental-emotional activity Annika has helped us reach a better understanding of the self and the contribution we as individuals make within the collective dynamic; consciously or not. Annika’s ability to guide individuals and groups through a wide range of exercises, while creating and promoting trust, honesty, support, expression, and courage, have allowed our team to achieve greater and longer lasting results than we would have achieved with any other facilitator. Our team is stronger and more effective because Annika is part of it. We like Annika in our lives.


Sabrina Orlando

Finally someone has put together a total body work out that involves the mind, body, and spirit! I love how you focus on what this workout can do for your mind taking the focus off what we all want… “the Look” because if you can train your mind than looks don’t matter! I live in Philly and I am a certified personal trainer through NASM. There is nothing like this here on the east coast… and trust me we need something like this! Zumba has taken over, and I want no part of it! I am very interested in becoming a Jungshin instructor in the future… I guess I should put in for a West Coast vacation soon… Cheers


Allie, age 30

After Annika’s class I am higher than a kite. I did finger push-ups. I’ve never done finger push-ups before! It was awesome.



Dear Annika, I just returned from a Jungshin Fitness class at The Energy Lab in Redlands, CA. Jill Rooks was on fire tonight and as always, at some point in class I found myself with a big ol’ grin on my face. Thank you so much for creating this magical program! My first introduction to Jungshin Fitness was in September 2013 when I joined the intro session you offered before the instructor-training program at The Energy Lab in Redlands, CA. Before we started I was pretty certain that I would not be able to complete the training because of my left shoulder. This shoulder is pretty much “toast” (in technical terms). In 2002 flying downhill on a mountain bike trail on Mammoth Mtn. I missed a jump and flew over the handlebars of my bike with my elbow, shoulder and left hip-taking most of the impact on a huge boulder (the boulder definitely won!). After my second shoulder surgery in the mid 2000’s, my orthopedic surgeon admitted that my supraspinatus tendon looked a lot like an old volleyball net left in the sun too long. Since that time I have been severely limited in terms of anything requiring motion over my head on the left side. After the weekend of 16 hours of Jungshin instructor training in 2013 I was really tired and also realized later Sunday night that my shoulder didn’t hurt; after a whole weekend of using it! Since then I have taken every Jungshin Fitness class that Jill offers at The Energy Lab and slice it up on my own as often as I can. I take two swords with me on almost every trip and either slice it up to your Jungshin Flow video or introduce friends new and old to Jungshin Fitness. Recently at the Energy Psychology Conference in Az. I introduced a new friend to the practice. Like almost everyone with whom I share Jungshin Fitness, she loved it! At 63, for this life long exercise junkie who’s first knee surgery was at 19 (who knew that would be the cause of so many later knee and back problems), it is an understatement to say that I have had some chronic pain and flexibility issues. I’ve had a total knee replacement and have 3 fused lumbar disks, both of which limit flexibility; my “Lizard” isn’t perfect but it is improving! I suspect that had Jungshin Fitness existed 30 years ago I might have avoided a few surgeries and lots of scar tissue. The most amazing piece continues to be that not only does Jungshin Fitness NOT irritate my shoulder but also it has strengthened the joint and totally changed the shape of my upper body and core. Thanks for your creative genius! Warmly, Cindy


Chantal Anderson, Owner 7×7 Consulting, LLC

I enjoy the philosophy and spirituality incorporated into the class. I love how I am able to physically feel the fire building inside of me and the power it creates in my body. It also helps me to feel both grounded and refreshed at the end of each class. It helps with my joints, which are always in pain from years of dancing. I’ve also noticed that I take more risks in class when Annika says that only our minds are holding back our bodies.


Kevin, age 34

Annika Kahn will kick your butt in a way that empowers rather than weakens you afterward.


Kari, age 27

One of the great things about working with Annika, is that you are never bored. You are learning something new every week so your body never gets stuck in a rut, and it is always fun! Plus, it’s nice to be able to wail on a bag or target after a stressful day of work!


Shanna, age 27

Annika’s training helped improve my triathlon performance. The cross training increased my endurance and strength; but, more importantly, it helped me learn breath control to make maintain power in long distance running, swimming, and biking. I am able to recover faster and maintain strength and focus throughout the race.


Tim, age 55

I need this every day. The internal and emotional benefits have changed my life and are why I keep coming back.


Tanya, Kickboxer, age 29

My core is stronger, my stomach is flatter, and my arms are stronger. I’ve learned how to breathe better and how to recover when I’m out of breath.


John Sinclair, CoFounder Seven Movements & The Hive Performance and Health Coaching​

I have been training with the Jungshin method for 2 years now and have been an avid advocate of the training system and the programming. As one of the Programming Officers for the Institute of Motion I am intimately familiar with designing programs around movement. Jungshin combines the perfect balance of fully integrated movement sequences with the delicate sophistication of load with the sword. This programming system is perfect for Group Exercise and Personal Training and Small Group Training since it is simple to replicate, completely scalable to all ages and experience levels and very entertaining. It can challenge the most fit of individuals and inspire the people that need movement in their lives. As a Health Coach I can attest that moving with a sword is a fundamental skill set that can be taught to everyone and can be used to increase cardiovascular benefits as well as tensile strength. Both are needed to enhance longevity and function as we age. I highly recommend you try Jungshin and be prepared to fall in love. John Sinclair, BS, BPE, CPT, MES, CAFS, SPX. Coach, Institute of Motion.

Dr. Julie Trestman, Trestman Chiropractic

I am both surprised and delighted at the effects the Jungshin Fitness system has had on my body. My core strength is stronger then ever, my joints are more fluid, my reflexes sharp, I am more focused, and I have less pain and more energy since I have been with Annika. I have yet to find a more stimulating workout. I am having a blast with kick-boxing, bag punching, sword swirling, and more. The combination has me fully embodied with a greater alignment in my spine, a strong lower back, and an inner power that helps me move through my life with an easy breath and a peaceful presence. Annika has the ability to work with people at any level. I recommend my patients see her on a regular basis to get their core muscle groups working supporting the chiropractic adjustments as well as the way in which they more through their life.

Student Testimonials:

I think Gaidis workshop was my favorite of all the guest speakers – I found his Jungshin exercises to be incredibly fun to do and I love his energy and enthusiasm. He also has great music taste that made the exercises even more fun. His class definitely makes me want to pursue more Jungshin classes again in the future.

Yoohyun Choi – Business Administration Graduating Class of 2019

Gaidi is so much fun! He did a great job of explaining the history and significance of Jungshin, while supporting us as students. Although this type of activity is outside many peoples’ comfort zones, he

fostered a comfortable environment and challenged us to work harder and try more. This led to more learning, and more fun.

Alex Park – B.S. Business Administration Graduating Class of 2019

Creativity Lab Guest Lecturer: Gaidi Nkruma Topic: Qigong Jungshin Fitness practice Fall 2018

I thought that this exercise truly opened my eyes to what strength means. I thought that holding the wooden sword took a lot of core and upper body strength that I didn’t even know I had. I really enjoyed Gaidi because he made me feel comfortable trying new things and really diving in without feeling embarrassed. I loved that he was patient with my lack of rhythm, and the exercise ultimately presented new skills that I could develop.

Liz Stone – Business Administration Graduating Class of 2020

This exercise was one of my favorites. It was a work out and an aggression exercise all in one, and it was amazing. I learned that you need have control over certain things and work together with people. And the instructor was very motivating and helpful with the exercise.

Emma DesLauriers – Environmental Economics and Policy Graduating Class of 2020

Jungshen fitness opened my eyes to a whole new fitness! It helped me realize that health isn’t all about the physical body but also the mind-body connection.

Jae Seung Lee Economics – Graduating Class of 2019

Jungshin was so much fun! Gaidi was engaging and supportive. I feel the sense of collaboration when working together with the other students.

Rabby Yang – Pre-Business – Graduating Class of 2021

I honestly loved this man. He was so quirky, funny, had a vibrant personality, a true passion for teaching Qigong (Jungshin which for him meant “focus” in Korean), and a love for teaching and inspiring other people to carry on the art form. Using the wooden swords and learning about posture was so enlightening and fun, especially because the partner activity allowed me to make a new friend. His music choice was so GOOD, and I will definitely remember what I learned from his class. I highly recommend taking any classes with him and learning about Jungshin in general.

Brian Nguyen – Business Administration Graduating Class of 2021

I’ve done martial classes before, but I’ve never tried Jungshin. Gaidi had the best personality. He was super fun and positive. He was incredibly engaging, and it was a great learning experience.

Rosy Wu – Business Administration – Graduating Class of 2020

This lesson was so much fun, to say the least. It made me feel empowered and free, and by the end, I was much more in control of the sword. Thank you for taking the time to come teach us.

Eden Coffler – Intended Business Administration Graduating Class of 2021

I started this day of class off in a pretty negative headspace. I had no idea what was going to happen with the wooden sword in front of me, but I was not excited. Just a minute into it, and my day completely changed. I was smiling, feeling the beat of the music and trying to focus on my movement. It was exactly what I needed in that moment. Gaidis energy, the music, and the movement was a very positive experience.

Spencer Krause – Sustainable Environmental Design Graduating Class of 2020

Hi Annika,

Thank you for all you are doing. My daughter, Jaya, and I love taking your zoom classes. Even before COVID became an issue, we were just waiting for you to start offering a paid online membership. I think your instruction is brilliant and really appreciate your meditations and interval “calming” between higher intensity movements.

I’ve already recommended your classes to several members of my clinic. I know the screen doesn’t give back the energy you’re putting in, so I hope these words reflect the positivity we’ve received from you.

Be well.


Post COVID, we were looking for a fun team event to do, and Jungshin’s sword-fighting class got the most votes when we did a team poll. The class was fantastic and fun. I channeled my internal martial artist, and had a fantastic time swinging my sword all over my living room (because of the heat wave, I had to do it indoors). My wife was just hoping I don’t destroy our television. It was more meditative than I thought it would be, and better exercise as well.:) It also makes a great story, when I tell colleagues I did a sword-fighting class for a team event. The Icing on the cake was the personalized sword which was engraved with personal names, company names and our team slogan and was shipped to each individual on our team. I own a lot of Silicon Valley swag, and this is my favorite. My 7 year old daughter also had a great time(although it was star wars for her and not Martial Arts). My daughter also told me that I don’t know what a sword looks like, because swords are made out of metal. Strongly recommend this class!

Karthik R.