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Join Jungshin today to work out where, when, and with whom you choose! 

Online membership is an affordable way to access the dynamic, radical benefits of Jungshin anywhere in the world. Use your smartphone or computer to stream martial arts based fitness classes in your own home, at your office, or even outdoors. Share sword fitness with family and friends of all ages, shapes and sizes. Stay engaged and healthy with an online membership that brings you a Jungshin mind/body experience every day.

Join our community of original warriors! You don’t have to join a gym to become a sword athlete. Even if you do practice Jungshin with a class or in a studio, a virtual membership will allow you to deepen your fitness within martial arts.

Membership Benefits

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Become a Jungshin online member today and get your Sword Athlete workout from your smartphone or computer.

Stay healthy and fit with Jungshin online. Choose from hundreds of sword fitness and martial arts classes with award-winning Jungshin trainers, including founder Annika Kahn. Stream these dynamic classes where, when, and with whom you choose. Share the Jungshin mind/body experience with family and friends, of all ages and fitness levels.

Online membership offers you the radical benefits of Jungshin Fitness without having to go to the gym. If you do practice Jungshin with a class or in a studio, your virtual membership can keep you sword fit every day.

Affordable swords are available with your membership.

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Jungshin will donate 15% of every membership purchase to a great cause, which you select at check out. 

“Jungshin instruction from Master Annika on Zoom! What a great avenue to contact with other like-minded souls.  The pandemic give me a new platform to train with world-class instructors.  -Jill E., California

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