Benefits of Becoming a Jungshin Instructor/Trainer

Why become a Jungshin instructor? With our support, you will effortlessly generate revenue while providing a meaningful service.
When you join the Jungshin instructor community, you become a pioneer in joining the best of ancient martial arts wisdom to the modern world with a 21st century modality. Jungshin represents the genesis of a new generation of health and fitness. Our instructors are pioneers, laying the groundwork for health and wellness for generations to come. Jungshin goes beyond physical fitness – it is a lifestyle.
A Jungshin instructor gains immediate access to the family of Jungshin instructors—the family of Jungshin instructors – family you want to be a part of. Our community is not only supportive, but we are aligned in our purpose and strengthened by our integrity. Implementation of the program will seem effortless. You will not be alone.

As a Jungshin instructor, you will be connected to the ancient lineage of Jungshin, which taps into the sacred warrior attributes that have been handed down throughout the centuries. You will not only receive swords, but have access to a whole way of life that allows you to reach your clients in deep and meaningful ways.
As an instructor, you will benefit from increased sales, clients, and access to new products that generate revenue. More importantly, you will finish every class knowing you have provided an incredible service to humanity.

As humans evolve to use our brains more and our bodies less, life can become more demanding than ever. Jungshin creates the opportunity for a deep physiological reset that’s both immediate and that allows the student or client to release their stress. Our program provides relaxation, recovery, de-stressing and the physical exercise – all in the same container. The mind and the body are connected.


Frequently asked Questions

Will I receive a certificate the day of the training?

No. You will receive your formal certificate after you submit your Teacher’s Completion Video and your written test. Written tests are available both on-line and in the manual. Most students choose to take the test together at the end of the course, on the same day.

Will I be able to teach right away?

Directly after the training, in order to practice, you will be able to teach small groups and private clients. Once you receive your certificate you will be able to teach group exercise classes and in your martial arts studio.

Why do I need Jungshin Fitness Swords?

Our swords are custom-made to represent our brand. We know the manufacturer and the source of the wood. Anything that happens with our products is protected and covered by our LLC insurance. (To date, in the 10 years since our soft launch, this has not been necessary). If a sword does break, we will replace it at no charge. Even if you have your own wooden swords, we cannot support them in Jungshin Fitness. However, we can weave a bulk order of our long and short swords, youth, and other products into your teacher packet at a discount. We recommend you purchase bulk orders you can sell to your students or clients through your own retail system.

Will I be able to apply for CECs?

Yes. There is a simple form to fill out on the instructor portal. Each trainer submits the course outline, hours, and their master trainer bio to their chosen CEC agency.

Does Jungshin Fitness also have a martial arts track?

Yes, Please email us at for more information.

Is the training difficult?

We have different levels of classes, but in general, yes. The training is fun, informative, and tough, as you will put your body, mind and spirit through a deep practice.

Can I teach on-line and in person?

Yes. When Covid hit we opened up our classes and courses on-line. Included in the cost of the teacher training is the benefit of being able to teach and advertise within your state both on-line and in person. If you wish to open up on-line classes outside your state, there is an added cost which protects your exclusivity and territories similar to how it works with in-person studios and classes. Give us a call if you have questions : 888-437-9314

Can I start practicing and learning before the training?

When you sign up you will receive your online manual, which is full of good information. You can also join the instructor portal to meet other instructors and get a head start on hundreds of workout videos. The public membership is another great way to get started.

What will I receive?

With the training you will receive a teacher’s manual, a long sword, access to the instructor portal, discounts on all products, and options to become a master trainer for Jungshin Fitness.

What can I expect from a one-day training?

A one day training includes an informative lesson on the history of martial arts and movement, a long sword, short sword, and empty hand workout, mini-teachout’s, and fully diving into the physiology, stances and strikes that comprise Jungshin Fitness.(ClickMe)

Are you guys well known?

We have been reviewed in countless magazines and trade journals, and we are a regular at Century Martial Arts and other related fitness networks. And we are just getting started! We are a new and growing movement system that supports full body health with each strike and stance. Some people call us yoga with a stick; some call us, CrossFit with a pole. To us, we are Jungshin Fitness – functional, practical, directional, and loads of fun.

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