Benefits of Becoming a Jungshin Instructor/Trainer

Why become a Jungshin instructor? With our support you will effortlessly generate revenue while providing a meaningful service.

When you join the Jungshin instructor community you become a pioneer in joining the best of ancient martial arts wisdom to the modern world with a 21st century modality. Jungshin represents the genesis of a new generation of health and fitness. Our instructors are pioneers, laying the groundwork for health and wellness for generations to come. Jungshin goes beyond physical fitness – it is a lifestyle.

A Jungshin instructor gains immediate access to the family of Jungshin instructors—the family you want to be a part of. Our community is not only supportive; we are aligned in our purpose and strengthened by our integrity. Implementation of the program will seem effortless. You will not be alone.

As a Jungshin instructor you will be connected to the ancient lineage of Jungshin, which taps into the sacred warrior attributes that have been handed down throughout the centuries. You will not only receive swords, but access to a whole way of life that allows you to reach your clients in deep and meaningful ways.

As an instructor you will benefit from increased sales, clients, and access to new products that generate revenue. More importantly, you will finish every class knowing you have provided an incredible service to humanity.

As humans evolve to use our brains more and our bodies less, life can become more demanding than ever. Jungshin creates the opportunity for a deep physiological reset that’s immediate and allows the student or client to release their stress. Our program provides relaxation, recovery, de-stressing and the physical exercise—all in the same container. The mind and the body are connected.


Frequent Questions we’re asked regarding becoming a Jungshin Trainer

Will I receive a certificate the day of the training?

No. You will receive your formal certificate after you submit your Teacher’s Completion Video and your written test. Written tests are available on-line and in the manual. We will discuss the written test and the Teacher’s Completion Video further at the training.

Will I be able to teach right away?

Directly after the training, in order to practice you will be able to teach to small groups and private clients. Once you receive your certificate you will be able to teach group exercise classes. (Please note, depending upon the club, there is wiggle room here as long as we work together, talk to us.)

Will I be able to apply for CECs?

Yes. There is an easy form to fill out and directions for how to do this. Each instructor submits the course outline, hours, and their master trainer bio to their chosen CEC agency.

Will there be swords and DVDs for purchase if I want them?

Absolutely! If you know you will want a set of 5 or more please pre-order your products by sending an email request to our team at,

Can I go out late the night before?

No!! To bed early please. We want you in your full KI!

What will I receive as part of my certification?

A teacher’s manual, t-shirt, access to the Instructor Portal, discounts on all products, and options to become a master trainer for Jungshin Fitness®

Are you guys well known?

We are a new and growing movement system that supports full body health with each strike and stance. Some people call us Yoga with a stick; some call us, Cross Fit with a pole, to us, we are Jungshin Fitness – functional, practical, directional, and loads of fun. We like to say we are the program that truly unites the East and West. We’ve been recently featured at IDEA WORLD, ACSM, SCW’s, and the LA FITNESS EXPO, and our success is growing fast. It is a great time to be a part of the Jungshin team.

What else?

We are not a trend. That’s something we are clear about. Men come to classes – we love that. We have a kids program, senior program (our honored gray warriors), team building for companies, and a couples program our business model is based upon attraction rather than excessive promotion.