Why a Sword ?

Through out human history the meaning of the sword always represented a force to fight. Over centuries the significance of the sword as a means to engaging one’s concentration and focus, eliciting an acute sense of power and effectiveness in combat has remained consistent throughout the ages.

Loaded movement is beneficial to balance, health, and access to true core in so many ways. In Jungshin, we use light loads, levers, Aka-aerodynamically cut swords, to aid in the bodies natural ability to move gracefully while challenging both our physical and mental limits. The difference between a heavy weighted loaded object vs. a light weighted loaded object and how the body moves is directly related and effected by the breath. In Jungshin each strike and stance is directed by and synchronized with the breath. Come slice with us and find out for yourself just how critical the breath is in moving with ease and power with levers. You are worth it.