Aside from being one of the most INVIGORATING and PLAYFUL total body workouts, Jungshin Fitness, brings SEXY back when it comes to your arms! SLEEK, SHAPELY, SHIMMERY arms that make people stop and say, “What did you do to get such hot lookin’ arms?” The response: “I use my Jungshin sword daily!” The Jungshin sword builds LEAN muscle, adds fabulous definition to those arms, and quickly and efficiently gets rid of flab.

SLEEK: Fine contours come from the fact that in every Jungshin slice, you are putting your attention on the fascia, rather than simply on the muscles. Fascia is the collagen-based tissue connecting muscles and organs beneath the skin. With Jungshin Fitness, the nervous system will start supporting the focus on the fascia and whatever else you are asking the body to do. “There’s is no representation of a ‘deltoid’ inside your movement brain. That’s just a concept over in your cortex, not in your biological organization.” (Thomas Myers: April 2011 IDEA Fitness Journal).

SHAPELY: Triceps, biceps, lats, pecs, deltoids. What are those you ask? The things that make you proud to wear a tank top! These muscles get defined through each cut. What makes an arm look SEXY is the smooth contour of the skin and muscle as they fit over the bone. The GRIP of the sword brings a message to the tendons and fascia to start working their charm. The beauty is that the more you apply ‘gripping power’ to your sword, the more the ligaments, fascia, and muscles engage. You get to monitor the intensity with which you build the desired shape you want! This is the internal benefit of working with a sword: shape without over-bulking.

SHIMMERY: No, it’s not that Sephora shimmer tan that gives your arms the shimmery effect (though I love that product!). It’s the KI or CHI or life force energy that enhances the skin with a fabulous glow. Through the systematic breathing that is part of the Jungshin program, more oxygen is brought to the cells, the digestive system is stimulated, the lymphatic system is activated, and the adrenals are given the necessary support they need to produce the correct amounts of hormones and boost the immune system. Inhale through the nose as you bring the sword over the spine, belly rises on the inhale, chest relaxes. Exhale through the mouth as you bring the sword from the back of the body to the front, pulling the belly button to the spine. This breathing aspect is what makes Jungshin Fitness a health and wellness system and not simply a workout.

Have you ever wondered why martial artists look so healthy and youthful? It’s that KI breathing which Jungshin Fitness incorporates with western fitness concepts. Through my own training in martial arts and achieving my 4th degree black belt, I became more confident. With this confidence came self-respect, and with this came a desire to eat right and take care of my body. Sure, I crave sugar, sweets, and pasta–and I go there a lot–but there is an internal wisdom through my practice with the sword, Jungshin, and martial arts, that is stronger than my mind’s desires.

This is what I bring to my students: The sword tells a story of who your are. It elicits an incredible amount of energy and power and leaves you feeling blissful through the meditations we do at the end of class. The sexy body is an added benefit!



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