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Jungshin Fitness for the Body and Mind Join the world of swords! Jungshin offers a complete physiological reset that revitalizes the body and mind so you look amazing and move with confidence. Jungshin Fitness uses swords to make each movement stronger and more effective. Don’t worry, the swords are blunt and made of wood, so the only thing you’ll be slashing is your waistline! #LetTheSwordSpeak

Boost Your Mood With Jungshin Fitness Combat fatigue, depression and anxiety with Jungshin. The current pandemic and social distance requirements impact each of us in countless ways. We know moods affect physical movement. At Jungshin we believe physical movements also affect mood. The key to Jungshin Fitness is MEDITATIVE MOVEMENT – exercise which combines movement with mindfulness. EVERY Jungshin class creates a sense of well being in students that increases the physical impact of the exercise.

ABOUT JUNGSHIN FITNESS Created by 4-time world grand champion Annika Kahn , Jungshin Fitness is a meditative movement program using swords as a momentum tool. The wooden sword allows us to challenge our physical relationship to gravity, thus improving how our internal organs work to sustain us. By focusing on breathing and posture, mood is positively affected, reducing stress, depression and anxiety, and creating feelings of general well being. Physiological benefits created by the direction and momentum of the body in relationship to each strike, stance, and block are long lasting and directly linked to our sacred ancestors within the martial arts.

The ethically, responsibly sourced wooden swords are more than just tools in Jungshin they are an extension of the body. The aerodynamic construction allows for graceful, easy body movements promoting mindfulness. When you let the sword speak; the body responds, the mind quiets, and the results shine. We invite you into the world of swords! We are hiring teachers to lead and hope you are one of them!

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