“The Human Energy System is the sum of all energy structures in the Human Energy Field. Each of these energy structures has a certain form (anatomy) and function (physiology). We can learn to use these structures on individual and synergistic levels to enhance our awareness, health, and overall well-being”
– Mark Rich

If you are reading this, you are already 75% engaged in what may be the most profound and transformational courses of your life. All you need is to engage the remaining 25%. So let me try to explain why you should make the commitment to study your personal energy.

Lynda Caesara, is a powerful and effective teacher calling upon lineages of health, fitness, anatomy, spirituality, and energy structures. She teaches a year-long human energy system course with classes that meet once a month in Berkeley, CA.

Have you ever felt like you haven’t quite reached your potential, or keep experiencing similar patterns in relationships or work and aren’t quite sure where the freeze is or why these patterns re-appear? Have you been told you move too slow, or seem out of your body, or too aggressive, are too harsh with words, or collapse under pressure? Any or all of these expressions point to patterns that you will learn to first, identify, and then unwind–not in lecture but in living through the experience and field of the pattern and then shifting. Because, guess what? You will discover that no one is only their pattern, and every pattern has a light side to it.

I have been through 12 years of study with Lynda and I am now looping back into year one to explore the journey again. But don’t take my word for it! Check out books like Barbara Brennan’s, Hands of Light, Energy Anatomy, or Eastern Body, Western Mind, or Steven Kessler’s, , and see if anything from them resonates with you.

If Dr.Suess  were alive he might say, ‘you cannot get this in a lecture, you cannot get this from conjecture, not on a boat, not with a root beer float, not in a book, not from a cook. No, you cannot get this anywhere, except within, it’s just right there, a little win, and with a little guidance and safety from a person who widens the knowledge and holds impeccable space, that little light in you will not only shine but will stay light forever. I dropped the rhyme, it was just time.

Because I am so committed to the Resonant Core Wisdom course of study, Jungshin will send you your very own #warriorpack once you sign up for her class!

Don’t be shy. Let’s enter the 22nd century in light.





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