Two Births

The birth of Jungshin coincided with the birth of my son. That story is highlighted in the ‘About Jungshin’ section on our website, Just as, in our practice, we discover ourselves in deeper meditation, lower stances, and higher jumps, so too can we discover those depths in daily life. I find myself only now waking up to this, as the founder of Jungshin, mom, and practitioner. I’d like to share a few of my ‘Oh, wow!’ and ‘Aha!’ moments with you, because I THINK YOU CAN RELATE. 

I remember when the mom of a young boy told me she had to find space to breath in between rushing her son out the door to school, and getting into business mode. My son was much younger at the time, and I had more breathing space of my own. For one thing, we had zero conversation–just adoring eyes and gurgles coming my way. I was able to work out frequently. In those post-competition, pre-toddler days, I thought, “Ok, this is going to be a piece of cake. I’ve got this business mom thing down.”

Then life happened. Beautiful, powerful, awe-striking LIFE. (Let I Forgive Everyone = LIFE) The spaces started to close in, the infant started to babble and talk, while at the same time more and more people wanted Jungshin. I had no idea yet what this would mean for my life. 

Two Parallel Paths

As my son’s words and sentences grew coherent, so did Jungshin’s mission and purpose. It’s one thing to care for an infant. It’s another thing altogether–as you glorious parents and grandparents, and sacred families know–to help carve the path from infancy to adulthood. Honestly, had someone brought me into a ‘how to raise your kids’ seminar, I would have run far, far away from planet earth, beyond all rules of gravity, beyond all sense. Of course, our species is so innocent, between all the chaos, ego, anger, and insanity, we still don’t really know how to raise our kids. (But that’s another Sweet Honey and the Rock story–next blog). Thankfully, I did not take the nonexistent parenting class and decided instead to fall in love with having a baby. 


This type of love, as is mentioned repeatedly in the movie, Interstellar, (I think the Buddha refers to it too) is the only force powerful enough to bring worlds together. Like gravity, parental love is powerful enough to cross dimensions. See  the movie. It’s a must. I’ve watched it seven times and am ready for #eight.

Back on the Paths

Now, as my son is about to launch into ‘adulthood’ (whatever that is, I skipped that course too), Jungshin is also launching into a bigger incarnation, spreading larger wings. Anything bigger needs more ground. 

Today is a good example of finding the space in between. I arrived back from the Martial Arts Super Show in Las Vegas after being ‘on’ for eight days straight. My son also arrived home from being ‘on’ for eight days straight, from Taiwan. There was about a half day of downtime–which was filled with laundry, food shopping, the basics–and then back at it. Up at 4am today for a meeting and, at 7am, to take my son to a basketball game 1.5 hours away. I found ten minutes of beautiful meditation under an East Bay cow-covered mountain, and watched the game. 

It is the return to breath, to being present in our bodies, daily, 500 times a day, that creates the space to finish the shopping, drop off the boy, and write this blog post to you. Creativity thrives in the spaces in between. 




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