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Jungshin Athletic Sword Flow is the fitness class we all need during these challenging times. Our classes connect your body and mind to provide physical exercise, recovery, and relaxation—all in the same container.

Why Jungshin?

JUNGSHIN FITNESS ( combines dynamic martial arts-bases movements using a wooden practice sword as a lever for balance and power. This practice will help you increase mental focus—even as you kick, jump, stretch, and target your core. Our classes work the body from the inside out, leaving you refreshed and strong. We are currently training instructors for this fast growing program. REGISTER NOW ( to study with world grand champion and Jungshin creator ANNIKA KAHN



  • Builds confidence.
  • Relieves stress.
  • Increases mental focus.
  • Integrates body and mind.
  • Promotes weight loss.
    • Improves posture.
  • Targets and tones entire body.
  • Improves breathing habits.
  • Reduces strains from carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Strengthens tendons and joints.


Quickly align the mind and body with our custom-weighted wooden sword ( ). The mind focuses on the sword so the body can engage in fitness conditioning. Through the controlled motion of raising the sword over one’s head on the inhale, we engage the biceps and upper back muscles and align the sword with the spine. On the exhale, each cut focuses on core power, triceps, and lower abs, expanding the chest and increasing lower abdominal breathe. Jungshin Fitness integrates movements developed over centuries with modern science. The resulting flow stimulates the metabolic and endocrine systems, all while the sword slices, the sweat drips, and the mind focuses. Our students tell us Jungshin Sword Fitness is life changing.


Become a Jungshin instructor now to bring the best of ancient martial arts to the modern fitness world. As a member of the Jungshin instructor community you will benefit from increased sales, clients, and access to new revenue generating products. More importantly you will finish every class knowing you have provided an incredible service.

JUNGSHIN ATHLETIC SWORD FLOW is a high-intensity, full body workout. The flow elicits power in flexibility and introduces the practitioner to a challenging physical class with added advantage of improved mental focus. Instructor training provides you with a basic foundation of Jungshin Fitness and a sequence of movements that flow from one to another requiring internal and external power and control.

JUNGSHIN INSTRUCTOR TRAINING connects you to the ancient lineage of sacred warrior attributes. You will receive not only swords, but access to a whole way of life that allows you to reach your clients in deep and meaningful ways. BENEFITS OF BECOMING AN INSTRUCTOR

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